AuthorFinalI am an American young adult and new adult fiction writer best known for my debut novel, The Crowd, the first in a trilogy I’m currently penning. I’ve always loved writing but the idea for this book came to me when I was seventeen, still in high school, and working at the local library.

As countless books passed through my hands, I was disappointed in the lack of well-written, clean fiction available for young adults. So when a story about a prestigious academy and the students who lived there wandered into my head one day as I was straightening shelves, I started writing it down.

I put the project on hold when I entered college to focus on term papers and exams, and later to begin a career. But the characters never really left my mind, and when I discovered an old copy of the manuscript nearly a decade later, I decided to finish it. Hours of writing, editing, and formatting have brought me to this moment when I can share it with you, and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the process!ProofCover

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When I’m not writing, you can sometimes find me studying the Bible, reading a novel with a strong heroine, or drinking (another) chai tea. I live in Minneapolis with my cheesehead husband, four sticky children, a spoiled cat, and a shamelessly flatulent dog.

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